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2007-07-18 21:05:00 by Jamrock

Well I wuz grounded for awhile so no internet but damn i come back and this place is all different... redesigns are supposed to make it better this sites slow as shit and like worse in every possible way.

I think imma get back to flash, I've been talking to some good people to help me make some flashes.. the ones i have are awesome i know but i want to make some things of my own >___>

Im gonna email Tom Fulp to help me make some stuff, do you guys know anyone that is good at scripting ... not cs3 tho damn i aint rich... well my mom is but shes a bitch. FUCK YOU MOM HAHA.

She never comes here anyway i ont giva fuck... Shout out to Organized Chaos, we taking over when school starts. much luv to Kayce, i love you B.



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2007-07-18 21:09:41

Hey jamrock. I know you think you re funny using insults and capitial letters, but lets be fair, if i and you may, becus its not always funny even sumtimes when you try to be.ok.


2007-07-18 21:12:00

Mogly, fuck you, this kid is the mad muh fuckin' shit.

Jamrock responds:

AWWWW shit ... thats ma boy. Finally someone shows some luv... also im tired of you faggots sending me insulting private msgs, it aint no thang but damn its annoying. And mogly fuck you yo, trust me if you had to be my moms son you'd want to pop some led in that piece. Its like summer vacation and shes like no you cant sleep till 12 anymore do something productive. CMON its fuckin July damn B get off ma nutz. I didnt say that cause i dont want to be grounded tho hah.


2007-07-18 21:59:19

Why are you trying to sound like a gangster?

Jamrock responds:

You live in australia not Chi-town... stop trippin.


2007-07-18 22:02:31



2007-07-18 22:10:37

haha, da gangsta was grounded.

Jamrock responds:

Naw man my moms a straight up hoe, she has this attitude cause her boyfriend wont let her borrow his car. I mean damn she can use my bike or whateva.

yo your movies are tight for real tho.


2007-07-18 22:49:03

sh*t yeah go jamrock go jamrock it's yo birfday it's yo birfday

Jamrock responds:

thats ninetye s talk dont even bother


2008-09-25 11:38:17



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