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Im baaaack

2008-10-08 00:40:27 by Jamrock

Fucking fat girls got boring so now im back on newgrounds!

Jesus and flash

2007-08-28 21:29:20 by Jamrock

Im going to make a game where you are jesus and you beat up sinners. I hope you guys like it.

It goes out to all my jeebus luvin niggz in Compton.

I am gunna have some awesome actionscripter and artists to script and draw this for me.

I'll be managing the project since its my idea. Expect it in october.
wut now! Dont playa hate... its an everyday hussle and im a hussla fo ' life.

Immma hostage!!

2007-07-21 00:39:09 by Jamrock

ARGH! Im so bored. end of post.


2007-07-18 21:05:00 by Jamrock

Well I wuz grounded for awhile so no internet but damn i come back and this place is all different... redesigns are supposed to make it better this sites slow as shit and like worse in every possible way.

I think imma get back to flash, I've been talking to some good people to help me make some flashes.. the ones i have are awesome i know but i want to make some things of my own >___>

Im gonna email Tom Fulp to help me make some stuff, do you guys know anyone that is good at scripting ... not cs3 tho damn i aint rich... well my mom is but shes a bitch. FUCK YOU MOM HAHA.

She never comes here anyway i ont giva fuck... Shout out to Organized Chaos, we taking over when school starts. much luv to Kayce, i love you B.